Abstract for Short Paper

The focus of this conference is to facilitate the knowledge exchange, transfer, implementation and scale-up of emerging innovations for health and care transformation including those supporting integrated health and care delivery models.

In line with the vision of the conference partner organizations researchers are invited to submit a short paper that addresses, directly or indirectly, facilitating interdisciplinary, inter-organizational approaches to health and care, and how this can provide opportunities for sustainable development across industrial sectors. The following sections provide a guide for researchers to consider in developing the short paper:

Research questions:

  • Which digital solutions are available to help in addressing the consequences of chronic disorders, stress, and disabilities, and what is the best way to deal with them?
  • How can we support the long-term and meaningful participation of people with chronic diseases to facilitate and fulfill their integration into society?
  • How can the business sector contribute to a holistic approach in delivering the triple win for health and care - (1) increasing sustainability of health services (2) improving health outcomes, and (3) igniting sustainable growth?
  • How can we ensure ethical and trustworthy use of AI?

These are only some examples of the research questions short papers should address. Researchers may propose their own short paper question informed by their own research.

The short papers should provide research methodologies and results, preliminary findings, and where possible highlighting interdisciplinarity and scale-up of proposed innovations.

The short paper is expected to be presented in the form of a poster. Selected posters will be invited for an oral presentation.

Awards will be presented for the short papers, according to the following criteria

  • Degree of innovation: how innovative is the proposed research (referred to the solution, to its implementation, to the methodology etc).
  • Feasibility: can the proposed innovation be implemented/applied to real use-cases/scenarios.
  • Impact: has the proposed innovation been implemented/applied to real use-cases/scenarios?
  • Interdisciplinarity: is the research involving different fields (social, medical, biotech, digital etc)                                                The awards will be appointed from the perspectives of:
    • RSCN – Reference Site Collaborative Network -
    • NET4Age-Friendly/SHAFE – EU Cost Action -
    • DHU – Digital Health Uptake -
    • Unesco Chair for population health -

    Poster program finalists will be determined following evaluation of each actual poster by the
    Technical scientifical committee, in collaboration with Faculty & experts and the Scientific Secretariat

Abstract for Short Paper

The abstracts should include:

  • the title of the paper
  • the names and full affiliation(s) of the author(s),
  • Conference's specific theme and topic the paper fits in. The length of the text should not exceed 300 words. For the preparation of your abstract please download the Abstract Template and use it in preparing your contribution

Abstracts should be submitted at: